If you’re looking for a simple, mobile slot machine that has a huge payout potential, look no further than 5x Magic. This game features five-line wagering, which makes it ideal for the busy mobile player. It’s also highly volatile, so you can expect to win and lose a lot. But it can be a nice break from more complex video slots. For the serious player, it may become a go-to video slot.

This video slot game offers five different paylines, each with its own multiplier value. Matching three symbols on a payline will result in a payout. The magician is the best paying symbol in the game, and matching three of them will yield a 50x payout. While many players may find the bonus feature overly complicated and gimmicky, it is worth checking out. The simplest game of its type is still one of the most popular options.

When playing 5xMagic, players will have the choice of traditional slot machines or more technologically advanced games. A classic slot game pays a set rate for each lever pull and each spin. Modern slots differ by their level of complexity. These slots have video reels, so you can set a time limit and stop playing at any point. This option allows for a better chance of winning. So, it is important to select the best multiplier value for your needs.